A workshop´s building for people with disabilities was designed in the Austrian village of Mank. The design proposes a barrier free ground floor level with 6 different working spaces, 2 kitchens as well as the public functions like the shop. Different courtyards and loggias provide both natural light and shadows while creating mesmerizing outside protected areas (corners). The metal roof with different inclinations and shapes creates unique variations in the height of the interior.


CLIENT / Caritas
TYPOLOGY / Sheltered Workshop
AREA / CAPACITY / 1.150 m²
WORKSTAGES / All Workstages
PROJECT TEAM / G.Attinelli, M.Chisté, F.Lucchi, G.Mischi
CONSULTANT / STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Kramer & Schaller ZT GmbH, M&E: Büro Lakata, EPG Elektroplanungsgesellschaft GmbH, site supervision: Klösch&Riedler