The aim was to participatively develop a concept to improve the quality of the public spaces in the centre of the small lakeside village of Ossiach. A particular focus was given to the transformation of the free space in front of the municipality into a multifunctional square and to the development of an overall concept for the public spaces and pedestrian connections, as well as an overall parking strategy for the village.
The proposal was developed through a series of workshops with the local interested citizens, as well as by cooperating with relevant institutions and stakeholders.


CLIENTS / Municipality Ossiach
TYPOLOGY / Participative planning
AREA/CAPACITY / Town center/Various/110.000 m²
WORKSTAGES / Masterplan: Site visualization, Analysis, Vacancy strategies, Participation process, Exterior design, Planning and realization playground
PROJECT TEAM / S. Ballestin, S. Sorazabal