The Book Depot (Siemensstraße 89) is a symbiotic zero-energy building, oscillating in the field of knowledge, technology and nature. The programmatic/functional core of the book depot is enclosed by a sustainable low-tech facade. The positioning on the site optimizes the visibility from the train station Siemensstraße and from the rail line, as well as the possible extension of the depot north of the new structure and the needs to maintain the 30m high and up to18 m wide crown of the black poplar in the south. A green forecourt, shielding noise from the railway, defines the access to the building and offers a high-quality outdoor space for the employees and the environment. The facade follows the logic of an industrial construction, with concrete composite panels which support the growth of the self-climbing vertical green. The flat roof has extensive greenery and a PV system.


CLIENT / Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft mbH, department universities
AREA / CAPACITY / 12.128 m²
WORKSTAGES / Competition, 3rd place
PROJECT TEAM / M.Chisté, R.Mihelko
CONSULTANT / STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Kramer & Schaller ZT GmbH, M&E: Büro Lakata, EPG Elektroplanungsgesellschaft GmbH, BAUPHYSIK: C. Häusler, COAST SURVEYOR: Flicker-Hogn ZT GmbH


3rd Place