The exclusive areas of the religious communities are located southeast of the property in the form of pavilion structures. The translucent south facade of the KPH develops into a roof landscape that runs continuously over the pavilions. A meaningful urban gesture and an expression of community despite the individual needs of the individual religious communities. The community is more than the sum of its parts. A roof of humanity under which all faith communities gather – Unity for Humanity. The pavilions define a permeable building structure that interweaves the adjacent park in the east over the newly defined place of religions.

CLIENT / Verein Campus der Religionen
TYPOLOGY / Religious Campus
AREA / CAPACITY / 15.740 m²
WORKSTAGES / Competition
PROJECT TEAM / G.Attinelli, J.Brandhuber, M.Chisté, R.Mihelko, S.Miguel, M.Seide

CONSULTANTS / STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Kramer & Schaller ZT GmbH, M&E: Büro Lakata, EPG Elektroplanungsgesellschaft GmbH, alchemia-nova GmbH, FIRE: VASKO+ Partner Ingenieure GesmbH, LANDSCAPE: EGKK Landschaftsarchitektur M.Enzinger, cultural technology: G.Zeleny
MODEL / MATTWEISS Architekturmodellbau