The new working environment of the Austro Control Headquarter is located in the newly built Austro Tower and extends over the 11 top floors of the high-rise building. Floors 24-28 and 30-34 were developed as standard floors, the reception floor is located on the 29th floor.
Austro Control‘s inner space was designed in the sense of an emotionally positive spatial experience and offers breathtaking views and highly communicative lines of sight. All standard floors show the same layout, which has a generous offer of retreat, communication and relaxation areas. The room concept is characterized by transparency and open spaces with defined team room areas for 1-8 employees. The workplaces are purely functional and no longer hierarchically designed. They are located exclusively in the gridded area of the floor plan.
Special uses such as meeting rooms and individual communication zones are situated at the rounded edges of the building.


CLIENT / Austro Control
TYPOLOGY / Office building and convention centre
AREA / CAPACITY / 10.100 m²
WORKSTAGES / Spatial and functional concept, business organization concept, product selection, graphic design
PROJECT TEAM / S. Ballestin, S. Sorazabal
CONSULTANTS / next-pm ZT GmbH, Wideshot ZT GmbH, klösch & riedler gmbh, Prof. H. Schnell, pde Integrale Planung GmbH