Deriving from the massive foundation that covers the tracks of Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof, the project develops as a highly recognizable green cityscape. Both quarters Lichtental and Althangrund, which have been segregated by the railway will be merged by implementing the new elevated park as a connector.
Plantation is not just added to the levels of the streets and the elevated park but grows further to the top of the two distinctive high rises.
A green landmark for the Alsergrund!


CLIENT / 6B47 Althan Quartier Projektentwicklungs GmbH
TYPOLOGY / Mixed use
AREA/CAPACITY / 67.000 m² + 6.000 m² green space
WORKSTAGES / Competition – 2nd round, honorable mention
PROJECT TEAM / G. Attinelli, S. Ballestin, J. Brandhuber, S. Catania, M. Chisté, L. Dorn, M. Frischauf, C. Güzelis, S. Hammer, A. Maragno


2nd Phase